The original FINCLUDERS

The original Fincluders consist of a core group of 12 Fincluder businesses. They were identified, groomed, and accelerated according to their potential to use financial technology – or “fintech” – to boost financial inclusion in developing countries. Their novel solutions enhance financial access and services to otherwise underserved market segments, such as rural farmers, women, youth or refugees.

Through a careful program of business development, training, and relationship building, the Fincluders Initiative has released the 12 original Fincluders, now viable and productive fintech companies, into the market. These new businesses already generate measurable results in financial inclusion.

The Fincluders Results Report includes information about these 12 original Fincluders:


The Fincluders Network startups offer innovative solutions for end clients and financial institutions alike to improve financial access and services. Startups’ business models can range from promoting financial inclusion through the implementation of chatbots to white-label solutions for financial institutions that enhance their ability to provide finance to underserved groups, such as small businesses, students, or farmers.

The Fincluders Network is continuously growing and open for applications from early-stage to more developed startups. What counts is the team, the business model, and the financial inclusion impact.
To become part of our network, please see our requirements and feel free to contact us anytime.


AgroCenta empowers and supports smallholder farmers in Africa providing them with an online trade hub connecting farmers and buyers, real-time payments with mobile money technologies, and on-demand logistics service.

Ghana |


Circle.Money is a multilateral compensations brokerage platform enabling national and multinational compensations.

Croatia / Serbia |


FarmDrive uses agricultural data analytics to connect underserved smallholder farmers to financial services while helping financial institutions increase their agricultural loan portfolios.

Kenya |


Fagura is a marketplace based on p2p lending technology for people looking for loans at a lower interest rate than the financial market and can meet with investors interested in a more consistent returns than bank deposits.

Moldova |


Halotrade works with legacy and new technology solutions to link the supply chain from end to end. This allows to track shipments from means of production to destination. Halotrade uses this information to offer attractive financing to suppliers in return for sustainable and ethical business practices.

Great Britain|


Kiraplus is a smart platform where tenants, homeowners, real estate consultants, and portfolio managers can get together in a digital environment to arrange rental agreements.

Turkey |


Kredico develops individual and business scorecards for sectors and companies using financial and social media data and transaction data of the client’s customers.

Turkey |


MoneyFellows, a web and mobile-based platform that enables people to access interest-free credit and better saving achievements all powered by just their social reputation, not their credit score.

Egypt |


Optio.Ai helps millennials manage their money on a daily basis, giving them easy to use solution using machine learning & predictive analytics.

Georgia |


PayMob has built a suite of financial technology infrastructure to serve end-consumers and merchants and increase financial inclusion.

Egypt |


POSRocket is a cloud point-of-sale platform that empowers small business owners to manage their operations, sell to more customers, grow their business and be better qualified to securing finance.

Jordan |


Quotanda’s lending-as-a-service (LaaS) platform provides digital lending technology and services for lenders and universities to quickly launch and effectively manage student loan programs globally.

Spain / Mexico |


Seso utilizes Blockchain technology to provide digital land registries and land transactions for the public, banks, real estate developers, and government.

South Africa / Ghana |


Using its extensive retailer network and cloud-based credit platform, Tarfin provides underbanked farmers with competitive point-of-sale financing for farm inputs.

Turkey |