When Fintech Innovation meets Financial Inclusion: Fincluders Bootcamp 2017 – EFSE and SANAD Support Access to Finance for All

The Fincluders Bootcamp 2017 was successfully finalized on 2 November after two weeks of intensive work, passionate discussions, and business meetings. The investment readiness and coaching program for financial technology startups held in Luxembourg and Frankfurt am Main, Germany, aimed at nurturing innovative young financial technology companies with ideas for increasing financial inclusion in many countries worldwide, for farmers in Kenya to merchants in Jordan. Building on the success of the Fincluders Startup Challenges held in Berlin, Germany, and Amman, Jordan, by the leading micro and small enterprise funds EFSE and SANAD, the funds, through their Technical Assistance Facilities, invited promising Fintechs which are developing inclusive financial services to underserved groups to the Fincluders Bootcamp 2017.

(November 14, 2017)
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