Supporting financial inclusion through Fintech


Supporting financial inclusion
through Fintech

FINCLUDERS Results Report

The original Fincluders consist of a core group of 12 Fincluder businesses. They were identified, groomed, and accelerated according to their potential to use financial technology – or “fintech” – to boost financial inclusion in developing countries. Their novel solutions enhance financial access and services to otherwise underserved market segments, such as rural farmers, women, youth or refugees. Through a careful program of business development, training, and relationship building, the Fincluders Initiative has released 12 viable and productive fintech companies into the market. These new businesses already generate measurable results in financial inclusion.
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As Fintech startups contribute an increasing number of exciting innovations to the financial sector, the potential for this technology to help underserved groups achieve access to finance is growing at an unprecedented rate. The Development Facility of the European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE DF) is keenly interested in tapping and promoting this potential in order to drive its mission of social and economic development in Southeast Europe and the European Neighbourhood region. To this end, the EFSE DF has launched the Fincluders Network to ensure that Fintech startups with a financial inclusion angle receive the necessary support to flourish and better provide financial services to those in need of them.

The Fincluders Network brings together the most promising startups engaged in Fintech for financial inclusion to support them in accessing investors, meeting business partners and financial institutions, and attaining valuable training. Member startups are able to apply for financial support to improve their business operations, build their capacities, and access business opportunities while continuing to focus their business on providing impact and financial inclusion to underserved markets.

Fincluders Results Report

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results of the Fincluders Initiative and the Fincluders Network.


Our Fincluders Network consists of startups with promising business models and a proven focus on impact and financial inclusion.


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Initiator & Sponsor

The Fincluders initiator and sponsor, the EFSE DF,  is of central importance in promoting financial inclusion in the region.


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